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Company Information

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering is one of the UK’s leading providers of Offsite and heat exchange solutions for all commercial and industry sectors. The company strategy has been to focus on the opportunities created by a changing construction environment, particularly from the increasing demand for complete packaged solutions, fabricated off-site, for M&E services.

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Accreditations & Policies
Company History
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Ormandy Rycroft Engineering has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of water heating equipment and packaged solutions, delivering an extensive portfolio of products. Our technical capability also enables us to provide full support through our technical and after sales departments.

All Ormandy packaged solutions are designed utilising the latest AutoCAD Inventor 3D software. Ormandy operates an integrated manufacturing system that enables working drawings to be produced directly from the 3D models. This ensures repeated consistency between design and manufacture.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering can provide bespoke design assistance on both the mechanical and electrical elements of packaged equipment, which vary to suit the needs of each individual client.

Designs are to the highest standards and design; manufacture and testing to the highest international standards and codes.


Ormandy Rycroft Engineering, incorporating Ormandy Newade Engineering are trading divisions of Maloney Metalcraft Ltd

In addition to our standard commercial vessels where code compliance is not a requirement the Ormandy divisions design and manufacture vessels to PD 5500, BS EN 13445, ASME VIII and AD Merkblatt. Shell and tube heat exchangers meet the design requirements of TEMA. Boilers are manufactured to EN 12953 Both companies are PED Module H1 approved and accredited to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015

Materials of Construction include Carbon Steel / Copper / Stainless Steel / Duplex / LDX

Design pressures from full vacuum to 200 Bar, temperatures from –50°C to 500°C

Capability is not restricted to these figures and you are invited to contact our Design Department for further information.

Full material traceability and certification is available, complete with any special testing that may be required. Ormandy inspectors are certified CSWIP 3.1 and hold PCN level 2 NDT qualifications.

In house design and construction of associated control panels, immersion heaters  

Ormandy’s Thermal Design Engineers have created their own software to determine heat transfer surface areas. Full calculation sheets are available for reference or independent verification by the client or by proprietary software as required.

Thermal calculations for single and two phase mediums, evaporating, condensing and natural or forced convection heat exchangers are all undertaken by our design office.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of control panels which are constructed in accordance with BS EN 60204-1 and meet all IEE recommendations. All electrical systems conform to the applicable EMC Directive and carry the CE mark. Standard control panels are rated to IP 66, hazardous area ATEX rated equipment is also available.

All Ormandy containment and wiring is in accordance with the latest edition of BS EN 7671.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering can provide full structural analysis from the requirements for steel skids, pressure vessel supports and pipe work support systems, through to full packaged plantroom assemblies or volumetric systems.

All manufacturing procedures are approved and form part of the BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering has a range of WRAS approved plate heat exchangers for use on DHW systems, with primary media of steam or LTHW.

WRAS - Brand Final - Product F2

Accurate commissioning of all Ormandy equipment is crucial to enable equipment to be operated at its ultimate performance levels. Commissioning is offered and available with all equipment supplied by Ormandy Rycroft Engineering, to commission your equipment ensures that you can be confident that it will perform to the standards, performance and efficiency that were specified.

Accreditations & Policies

An early innovator in the development of offsite manufacturing, our ambition is to become the first choice for consultants, contractors and clients working on projects of all types and sizes.

We will do this by consistently delivering complete, high quality solutions for our customers, both in the UK and overseas.

Details of our Accreditations and Company Policies can be accessed in the sections on the right.

Policy Statements

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering is committed to achieving and continuously improving the highest possible environmental standards in its business. This applies both in terms of the materials and processes used in manufacturing, and in the energy performance and efficiency of the resulting products.

At the same time, Ormandy Group seeks to apply the best possible standards for its employees and their welfare. This includes the application of rigorous health and safety standards and procedures, investment in apprenticeships and ongoing training, as well as our equal opportunities policy.

Our Policies are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary, and new Policies will also be added when appropriate. Our current Policies are shown in this section:

Quality and Environmental Policy

Health and safety


Ormandy Rycroft Engineering is a market leading provider of heat transfer and packaged solutions through our integrated portfolio of products and our expertise in design, technology and manufacture.

We are committed to delivering and demonstrating our commitment to Quality: we carry many manufacturing approvals, are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Download – ISO 9001:2008

Download – PED 97/23/EC

Download – Construction Products

Download – ISO 14001

Download – Rolls Royce Approval certificate

Download – WRAS Certificate – HT Breeze

Download – WRAS Certificate – Minibreeze

Download – WRAS Certificate – Steam Breeze

Download – WRAS Certificate – Vari Breeze


Ormandy Group is fully compliant with the latest EC Directive for the classification and labelling of calorifiers.

Download – EC Declaration

Download – ERP Labelling of bespoke calorifiers

Download – Technical Fiche

Download – Standard Calorifiers


Company History

The intellectual property,(IP), and certain assets of Ormandy Group Ltd were acquired by Maloney Metalcraft Ltd on the 16th February 2018. Maloney Metalcraft Ltd, a subsidiary of Avingtrans PLC, is a company registered in England with company number 3318710 and registered office at Westgate, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 8EX.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering represents the next stage in the continued growth of Ormandy, on the right you will see the company names and brands that the existing company was built upon.


Ormandy Dreh was founded in 1952 and was originally well known for its high quality welding and fabrication processes in stainless steels and other exotic alloys for the off-shore marine and petrochemical industries. The business is now focused on the supply of marine high duty and copper / cupro nickel fittings. As a business division of the Ormandy group, Ormandy Dreh is now able to complement this supply with fabricated solutions such as soil & waste and fresh water float assemblies.

Ormandy Dreh Products can be found below.

Fresh Water float assemblies

Fresh Water float assemblies

Marine High Duty fittings

Silver brazed fittings

Soil & Waste fittings

Soil & waste float assemblies

Ormandy Electric became a part of the Ormandy group in 2007. Originally known as Heatrae Industrial, the division continues to manufacture an extensive range of electric heating equipment and controls. Also included within the Ormandy Electric portfolio is a comprehensive range of duplex stainless steel storage calorifiers and solar vessels. Single, twin and triple coil options are available.

Hartley & Sugden is a long established and respected brand with over 140 years of experience in designing and manufacturing steam and hot water boilers. It has a reputation for offering a wide range of high quality steel and cast iron sectional boilers giving exceptional service and reliability. As part of the Ormandy Group the Hartley & Sugden name is well known worldwide with specifiers and installers for its specialist expertise in supplying solutions and manufacturing products recognised for their durability and long life expectancy. The comprehensive boiler range covers most steam and hot water applications within the building services sector and process industries. Hartley and Sugden became part of the Ormandy group in 2006.

Ormandy Newade has established itself as a forerunner in the stainless steel fabrication industry, highly accomplished in the design, fabrication, welding and polishing of stainless steel equipment. Acquired by Ormandy in 2006, the core business activity of Ormandy Newade is the manufacture of equipment to meet the specialist requirements of many major high profile companies in the chemical, confectionery, food and pharmaceuticals industries. Complementing the above is the manufacture of a competitive range of stainless steel vessels, calorifiers and fabricated packages for the commercial HVAC market.

Formerly known as “Ormandy Heat Exchange and Packaged Solutions”, Ormandy Offsite design and manufacture bespoke packaged plantrooms, and skid mounted solutions.

Ormandy Offsite has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of packaged equipment for the HVAC, Process and Marine and Offshore markets.

Ormandy Rycroft has been trading since 1896 as a leader in the supply of industrial and commercial water heating packages. The company was owned by IMI plc from 1974 until its acquisition by Newmond plc, now Baxi Limited in 1998. Ormandy acquired the business in 2007.

Ormandy Rycroft commercial water heating systems include an extensive range of instantaneous, semi storage and storage systems that are complemented by a range of heat exchangers and thermal storage vessels for the renewable energy market.

Brade Engineering, specialists in steam equipment and steam condensate return systems, was acquired by Ormandy in 2004. Brade has now been incorporated into the Ormandy Group, with stainless steel products being supplied through Ormandy Newade.

Latest Vacancies

Ormandy Group recognises that delivering world class heat transfer and packaged solutions, and meeting our clients’ requirements for performance, quality and delivery, is dependent upon the expertise and dedication of all our employees, in all functions throughout the Group.

Our commitment to health and safety, quality and the environment is therefore matched by our commitment to ongoing and continuous investment in the training, qualifications and careers of all employees.

To view and apply for Jobs within the Ormandy Group, please visit the Current Vacancies section on our contact page. You will also be able to send us a copy of your CV.

Reference List
Materials & Media
Sales Terms & Conditions


Workshop Area:  
Bradford: 5,574 square metres

Loading Bays:  
Bradford: 2 Bays, each exit measuring 5.7 metres wide by 4.8 metres high

Bradford: 3 rated at 10 tonnes each and 2 rated at 5 tonnes each. Maximum lift capacity 20 Tonnes

Note: The maximum size of package that Ormandy can manufacture is more often dictated by transportation restrictions.

Manufacturing Activities:
Shearing, Bending, Spinning, Drilling, Pipework Fitting, Rolling, Lagging, Welding, Assembly/Testing, Painting, Commissioning, Control Panel Building and Cabling/Wiring,

Joining Processes Used:  
Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW or MMA)
Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW or TIG)
Gas Metal Arc (GMAW or MIG)
Thermal joining plastic pipework
Solvent joining plastic pipework

Maximum Equipment Size:  
Limited only by crane capacity, loading bay exit size and transport restrictions

Maximum Pressures: 
75 Barg Design to date.  Higher designs only limited by type of equipment

Production capacity:
Production capacity is variable and depends on the scope of products in manufacture at any given time.

Ormandy Rycroft Engineering have flexible manufacturing facilities with the ability to move production to the Maloney Metalcraft facilities if it is necessary in order to meet any particular project requirement or sub-contract. Revised working practices are implemented to meet significant peeks in workload.

Ormandy have previously configured the manufacturing facilities to produce a fully fitted 10m x 5m modular plant room every week over a 52 week period. This workload was planned and undertaken alongside our standard production requirements.


Project Allenby and Connaught: 153 packaged plantrooms.
Pinnacle power: 121 kW CHP & LTHW boilers pantroom.
Devonshire Square: LTHW & CHW Gasketed plate heat exchangers.
Reading University: Packaged LTHW Gasketed plate heat exchangers.
York University: 30 LTHW and DHW modules.
Shard London: Packaged LTHW & CHW PHX’s & Packaged pump sets.
Heathrow T2: LTHW & CHW Plate heat exchangers.
One Tower Bridge London: 700 heating or chilled apartment.
Victoria Circle – Nova: 51 off single floor heating and Cooling HIU’s. 3 off 2500 kW LTHW boilers.
123 Victoria London: 19 off Single floor heating and Cooling HIU’s.
Academy Central: 750 heating and DHW apartment HIU’s.
Kingsgate House: 190 heating or Chilled HIU’s.
Fairmont Hotel, Amman, Jordan: 9 x stainless steel storage calorifiers + 5 x PHE.
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, UAE: 2 x Electric steam generators .
Al Thuraya Tower, Qatar: 2 x 15000, 4 x 9500 litre SS electric calorifiers.
Zirku Facilities, UAE: 24 x 2500 litre copper electric calorifiers.
Bayan Palace, Kuwait: 12 x electric boilers.
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong: 15 x copper lined storage calorifiers.


Aircraft Carrier – BAE Systems/Thales: HWS and Potable water Hydrophore packages 8 x 1400 litre stainless steel Calorifiers each with 240kw Immersion heaters expansion vessels and pumps 2 x positive displacement Pump Hydrophore packages each with 3 x 500 litre Hydrophore vessels control panels and water treatment packages.
DSME /Statoil: – Mariner project 2 x 4500 litre Duplex HWS Calorifiers 2 x 400 litre duplex expansion vessels with Electric and Plate exchanger heating.
Hertel /Statoil– Aasta Hansteen: 2 x 1300 Litre Duplex electric Calorifiers 1 x 400 litre Duplex expansion vessel, shunt and system re circulation pumps.
Siemens Tata Steel: 3 x Mud Gun heating /cooling Packages with electric heating, plate exchanger cooling , pumps and control system.
GlaxoSmithKline – Irvine: 2off 55000Ltr Caustic Potash replacement Vessels. Project – Caustic Potash Upgrade
BM Longworth, Deecom system: Supplied completed set of 3off Process Vessels for Deecom System designed and manufactured to Japanese Pressure Vessel Code.
GlaxoSmithKline – Barnard Castle: 90Ltr Manufacturing Vessel for new drug development.
Nestle – Halifax, Project – Gloop: 2 off Flavour Dosing Systems designed & manufactured.


Kings Troop – Underfloor heating and Rainwater harvesting.
Eltham Palace  –  Baileygomm – Underfloor heating.
Geothermal – David Brigland – Hot Springs.
De Vere Gardens – Imtech – Boosted Cold Water.
Island Gardens – RG Taylor – Heating.
Wenlock Brewery – Hanover – Boosted Cold Water.



Ormandy Rycroft Engineering manufacture equipment in a wide range of materials suitable for use with many popular mediums.

Listed below are the more common aspects of our work.

Qualified materials include:-

90/10 Cu-Ni ,70/30 Cu-Ni
Zeron 100 UNS 32760
Smo254 6Mo
Monel 400
Aluminum Bronze
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
317 Stainless Steel
321 Stainless Steel
Inconel Alloy 600
Carbon Steel
Hastalloy ‘C’
Duplex Stainless Steel

Heating/Cooling Medium:

Water/Waste Water
Water/Glycol Mix
Thermal Oils
Sea/River Water
Natural Gas
Chemical Solutions
Hot Effluent

Please download our Terms and Conditions

Download – Maloney Metalcraft T+C’s