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Condensate pumping sets

Ormandy Newade manufacture electric condensate pumping sets designed to handle, recover and return hot condensate back to the boiler feedtank.

The stainless steel vessel, pipework and support frame is supplied fully packaged, ready to connect and run. Features include:

  • Low voltage or intrinsically safe control system
  • Cascade duty/assist plus stand-by pump configuration
  • Standard range performance up to 22m³/hr at 95°C up to 40m³ head
  • Pump inlet isolating valves and outlet isolating and check valves optional
  • Three position selector switch for manual or pump cyclical auto-change over
  • Low, high and extra high level liquid control with visible level indicator

Electrical specification:

  • Fully integrated cascade pump switching control system with single pump running selection facility; pumps automatically change over at the end of each running cycle.
  • Controls: will be housed as standard in a pressed steel IP55 enclosure. Optional higher IP ratings are available. Fully ATEX approved units can be supplied.
  • Door interlocked isolator switch; motor controls and overloads; pump changeover and alarm relays; control circuit transformer and fuses; indicator lamps for ‘power on’, ‘pump running’ (2), ‘pump tripped’ (2); ‘extra high level’ volt-free terminals (1 common set) for alarm status of ‘pump tripped’.
  • Supply voltages:              240v or 415v
  • Controls circuit:               110v or 240v
  • Service nozzles:              Flanged or Socket connection
  • Pumping set selection

Significant energy savings and efficiency gains can be made by the accurate selection of condensate pumping sets. Units are specified according to:

  • Condensate collection rate
  • Condensate temperature
  • Total resistance head for pump to overcome


  • Higher discharge pressures and capacities are available, as are alternative pump quantities and configurations
  • Single pump unit
  • Insulation is not supplied as standard: available as an option in Stainless Steel or Aluminium Stucco
  • Discharge flow control valves can be fitted to ensure pump duty can be maintained at the desired pump curve position, reducing potential for cavitation, vibration and noisy running.
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Receivers and pipe work available in copper
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