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Electric water heaters

Electric calorifiers have become one of the preferred means of generating hot water for both domestic and space heating applications. Clean and efficient in operation electric calorifiers are found in hospitals, hotels, sports centres and general residential blocks. The versatility of electric heating enables these units to meet special site Conditions where the use of other primary sources of energy would be extremely difficult or expensive. Bulky primary pipework systems, primary control valves or exhaust flues are not required.

Storage Calorifiers

Storage calorifiers are sized to meet the peak demand period. Generally recovery periods vary between a half to four hours. Thermal storage units are also available utilising off-peak electricity tariffs.

Flow Heaters

Flow heaters have no storage capacity and rely upon forced circulation of water through the system to dissipate the heat. Units are available for domestic water, heating and applications.

Ormandy Rycroft offers a full range of water heaters in carbon steel, stainless steel and copper.

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