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Offsite manufacture is the first choice for hot water solutions in the Marine and Offshore industries. Ormandy’s range of pressure booster sets for potable water systems can be used in many applications but are ideally suited to the Marine and Offshore industries, where they are more commonly referred to as Hydrophores.

Packages can be manufactured in stainless steel, copper or plastic, and solutions are available for low and high pressure systems and can be supplied with centrifugal, multistage or positive displacement pumps.

Pressure booster sets can be supplied with complementary systems, including expansion vessels, dosing systems or UV sterilisation.
Expansion vessels are supplied with either an internal bag or to be nitrogen charged with a cushion separation to prevent the nitrogen being absorbed.

Full packaged solutions are available with controls and wiring factory fitted. Complete supply enables Ormandy to conduct a factory based FAT test with the client to ensure goods supplied are fully functional and ready for service.

Hydrophore designs will be in accordance with PD5500 or ASME VIII, as required, and will usually involve third party independent certification. Packages can be supplied with positive displacement valves or foot stop valves. Pumps will be rated for use offshore, and panels with IP66 ratings can be included.

Base plates and framework can be manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel with project specific painting or coating.  Full material traceability/certification is available and is incorporated within a project specific data dossier.

Ormandy’s bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet all specifications whilst providing our clients with a high quality product meeting cost and delivery requirements.

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