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Norland and Norland Plus 95 – 1600 kW

Design Features

  • Robust high quality and reliable stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Manufactured using latest manufacturing techniques
  • Compact dimensions
  • Suitable for modulating pressure jet gas burner including latest pre-mix technology
  • Natural gas or LPG
  • Supplied fully assembled complete with gas burner and controls fitted pre wired and tested
  • Two return connections
  • High specification controls
  • System control options

Performance Features

  • Outputs from 95kW to 1600kW with 15 sizes in the range.
  • High efficiency up to 109% (Net CV) (50/30deg C flow and return temps and @30% output)
  • Insulated casing with low standing losses
  • Low emissions
  • Standard working pressure up to 5 bar (higher pressures available on request)
  • High water content
  • No minimum water flow rate requirement
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