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Packaged plantrooms

Ormandy has specifically developed a range of packaged plantrooms made to meet the stringent cost and performance requirements of the construction industry. The careful attention to detail, in conjunction with an independent and flexible approach to component selection, allows all aspects of project requirements to be met. All equipment is designed and assembled in a factory-controlled environment ensuring that we provide fast, efficient compact modular construction, minimising onsite labour and project control. The modular construction approach allows larger systems to be supplied in sections for reconnection on-site. The service provides a full project team incorporating all mechanical, electrical, acoustic and load considerations, along with effective use of space and maintainability of individual components. The packages being modular can contain boilers, pressurisation and booster sets, heat exchangers for primary and secondary water, circulating pumps, pipework including gas, with gas inlet solenoid valve, and electrical panels. From receipt of specification, a formal design is developed by our team of specialised engineers.

Working in close co-operation with the client, Ormandy will develop a practical solution paying close attention to commissioning, operational, maintenance and decommissioning requirements. Transportation and positioning of packaged plantrooms requires careful planning.

Ormandy work closely with a number of specialised lifting contractors and can offer a contract lift option when required. Once delivered, Ormandy can offer full commissioning and maintenance service.

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