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Packaged pump sets, Inertia base mounted pump sets

Industry demands an extensive range of options for the packaging of pumps, and Ormandy’s bespoke design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet such  requirements, whilst providing our clients with a high quality product meeting both cost and delivery expectations.

Ormandy manufacture pump sets for use on heating, chilled water and process applications. Contract specific attenuation of the pumps can be accommodated by the use of TICO pad, spring mounting or concrete filled inertia bases.

Packages can be supplied fully insulated with thermal barriers and vapour sealing as required, and Ormandy also offers electrical wiring and containment factory fitted.

Packaged pump sets are available with pipework in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and plastic.

Base plates and framework can be manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel, with project specific painting or coating.

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