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Plate and buffer packages & Evoplate

Breeze Instantaneous Water Heaters and Buffer Vessels

Breeze plate heat exchangers can be installed ‘stand alone’ or in combination with a buffer vessel as a WRAS approved Plate and Buffer unit. The combination of Breeze and buffer vessel is used when hot water demand is not constant and high peak flow rates occur frequently. Peak demands are met by the instantaneous plate heat exchanger output and the stored volume within the buffer vessel.

  • High secondary peak flow rates
  • Reduced boiler power requirement
  • Unvented packages available
  • Full active storage within the buffer vessel reduces the risk of growth of the Legionella bacteria
  • WRAS approved heat exchanger package

Evoplate Hot Water Generator

The Ormandy EVOPLATE is a compact, highly efficient packaged water heating system capable of supplying hot water at 60°C and meeting peak demands in excess of the rated boiler input duty. The system comprises of stored water volume, instantaneous brazed plate heat exchanger, domestic circulating pump, flow regulator and optional direct acting primary temperature controller.

  • The EVOPLATE is supplied ready fitted and is easy to install
  • Achieve the maximum possible performance from condensing boiler installations.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance.
  • Reduced risk from Legionella bacteria.
  • Unvented packages and kits available.
  • Vessels manufactured from solid copper or stainless steel.
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