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Steam blowdown vessels / flash vessels

Boiler blowdown vessels

The Ormandy Rycroft range of blowdown vessels provides a safe location for discharging boiler blowdown. Vessels can be sized to accommodate multiple boiler installations, and can be supplied with suitable manifolds.

Blowdown vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with PD5500 and meet the requirements of HSE PM60. Full third party certification is supplied with all blowdown vessels.

Our standard range of vessels is 600mm to 1200mm diameter.

Flash vessels

Correct operation and planning of steam systems is essential to maximise system efficiencies.

The Ormandy range of flash vessels can be incorporated in the steam system to take advantage of the energy remaining in the system after a process or application has taken place. Flash vessels are fitted directly into the system to generate low pressure steam from a high pressure condensate source. This low pressure steam can then be used in a suitable application.

Incorporating flash vessels in boiler blowdown systems for boiler heat recovery enables the client to recover energy from TDS systems that would normally be lost in the blowdown vessel. Flash steam is returned to the hotwell and condensate is passed through a heat exchanger for feed water preheat.

Ormandy provides a standard range of flash vessels from 150mm to 450mm diameter.

Flash vessels are CE marked and designed and manufactured in accordance with PD5500. Full third party certification is supplied with all flash vessels.

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