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Thermal storage vessels

Thermal storage applications can be found in a variety of systems including domestic hot water (DHW), heating (LTHW,MTHW & HTHW), and process applications. The ongoing focus today on sustainability has resulted in an ever increasing demand for renewable energy systems, with thermal storage being one of the critical elements of any heating or cooling scheme.

Typically, Thermal Storage Vessels are charged during periods of low or no demand, and the energy that has been stored is released during periods of high demand. Incorporating thermal stores enables low grade heat or much smaller energy sources to be utilized. However, correct sizing of systems is essential as this will also prevent rapid cycling of heating or cooling equipment.

Thermal stores can be supplied in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Ormandy design and manufacture the store fitted with suitable sparge pipes or deflector plates to prevent flow bypassing the stored water, and to ensure the correct stratification is maintained.

Thermal Stores are generally manufactured in Carbon Steel, though Ormandy can supply stainless steel or copper vessels depending on the required application. Insulation suitable for internal or external installations is available factory fitted.

Thermal storage vessels are generally manufactured in accordance with PED/97/23/EC; PD5500 category 1, 2 or 3 are available on request.

Ormandy have manufactured Thermal Stores up to 50,000 liters in capacity and test pressures of 30 barg. Larger capacities and higher pressure units are available on request.

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