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Unvented packages

Unvented hot water systems provide a highly efficient means of storing and distributing water for building applications. The mandatory requirements for unvented systems can be found in Building Regulations G3.

Ormandy Rycroft can offer a complete unvented packaged system which ensures that all the relevant design parameters have been met with the correct expansion vessel and safety device selection.

An unvented package offers the following advantages:

  • Complete system design, fabrication and testing
  • Reduced site labour
  • Greatly simplified installation
  • Factory commissioned reliability
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Maximum economy of operation
  • Minimum plantroom space requirements

Ormandy Rycroft has a multi-disciplined design team with extensive experience in the field of unvented packages. Mechanical, thermal and electrical design issues are all addressed in our engineering department based in Bradford. All the main items including the electric control panels are manufactured by Ormandy Rycroft ensuring compatibility of all components. With full accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001 clients can be assured of a quality package.

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