About Us


Ormandy Rycroft are a world leader of offsite and heat exchange solutions for all commercial and industrial sectors. Based in Bradford, we were established in 1896 and are a division of Maloney Metalcraft Ltd. Our Ormandy Newade division is a forerunner in the stainless-steel fabrication industry and are highly accomplished in the design, fabrication, welding and polishing of stainless-steel equipment.

Quality & Scope

All equipment is designed and assembled in a factory-controlled environment, where fast, efficient construction, minimises onsite labour and enhances project control. Our bespoke packaged solutions have been built upon an exceptional pedigree and manufacturing resource, alongside highly skilled and experienced Fabricators, Welders, Designers and Project Management.

Every product is bespoke and tailored specifically for your application at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our vast range of skills include bespoke design and specification, alongside manufacturing excellence with an emphasis on energy efficiency. We ensure every vessel is FAT or Hydro tested prior to leaving our factory, enabling it to be ready for commissioning and installation once on site.



Our Bradford facility is 5,574 square metres with 3 equal Bays and incorporates 4 cranes rated at 10 tonnes each and 2 cranes rated at 5 tonnes each. The maximum lift capacity is 20 Tonnes and maximum equipment size is limited only by crane capacity, loading bay exit size and transport restrictions.

Manufacturing Activities include Shearing, Bending, Spinning, Drilling, Pipework Fitting, Rolling, Lagging, Welding, Assembly/Testing, Painting, Commissioning, Control Panel Building and Cabling/Wiring. 

Joining Processes Used are as follows: Submerged Arc welding | Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW or MMA) | Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW or TIG) | Gas Metal Arc (GMAW or MIG) | Brazing | Thermal joining plastic pipework | Solvent joining plastic pipework

Our maximum pressures are 75 Barg Design to date, although higher designs are only limited by type of equipment.

World Class Manufacturing Facilities & Expertise

Fully Quality Compliant
ISO9001:2015 & UKCA/PED
Multi-skilled Coded Welders
EN15614-1, EN9606-1 & ASME IX
Conscious of our Environmental impact
In-house-Dished End Spinning & Paint Spray Facilities

One of only a few companies in the UK with the ability to manufacture Copper & Copper Lined Vessels