Sustainability & Energy Efficiency


Ormandy Rycroft are committed to achieving and continuously improving the highest possible environmental standards within the business. This applies both in terms of the materials and processes used in manufacturing and in the energy performance and efficiency of our product.

Our aim is the prevention of pollution associated with our activities and the improvement of levels of quality and environmental compliance as required by BS EN ISO 14001 and the Pressure Equipment Directive & BS EN ISO 9001.

As an innovative and forward-thinking company, we continuously invest in new technology where product excellence coincides with the reduction in environmental impacts and carbon emissions through improvements in design, manufacturing and delivery.

Our current portfolio and bespoke service is extensive enough to enable us to give our customers a solution that fulfils all their heating requirements using enhanced energy efficient products with lower running costs.

Furthermore, our Plate Heat Exchangers make allowances for future demand and deliver an instantaneous water heater, offering an economic solution for the provision of hot water with a quick heat up, rapid response and negligible standing losses.

At a time when sustainability and energy efficiency has never been greater, Ormandy continue to lead the field in cutting-edge, new product design and investment in ‘clean air’ for generations to come.