Ormandy Supply New Pumping Station Plantroom for R&D Facility

Building Services (Beds) Limited
Project Timescale:
4 weeks
The brief:

Building Services (Beds) Limited, based in Luton, specialise in electrical, mechanical and Design & Build. Their philosophy for both quality and integrity are renowned on every project they are involved in and are fundamental when choosing suppliers to work alongside them to achieve a common goal. 
Ormandy Rycroft were approached by Building Services (Beds) Limited and asked to fabricate a ‘Pumping Station Plantroom’ for their customers premises, Sycamore House, based in Stevenage.
Sycamore House is a Research & Development Facility for the pharmaceutical industry. The building required a complete refurbishment and was developed and extended to include 8,000 square meters of tailor-made facilities and laboratories.

The solution

Ormandy Rycroft worked closely with the client on all aspects of the project, with any manufacturing queries been addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.
Furthermore, the ability to build the fully fitted plantrooms offsite, enabled the following:
·      Speed of construction reduced by half!
·      Less labour required on-site and security clearance
·      High, quality finish, fully tested prior to delivery.
·      Reduced site supervision and management.
·      Better Health and Safety as no interfaces with other building trades.
·      Manufacturing quality is better controlled in the factory environment.
·      All controls, electrical and insulation, completed and verified offsite to ensure when it arrives at the arena, it is the complete finished article and ready for installation.
The bespoke plantroom housed all the boilerhouse equipment and took 4 weeks to manufacture at our state-of-the-art facility in Bradford.


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