Ormandy supply 153 plant rooms for Aspire Defence

At the time, this was the largest modular construction project ever seen in the UK. Valued at £8 billion (1.2 billion construction).

Aspire Defence, Allenby & Connaught - (Defence & Prison Services Section)
Allenby & Connaught
Project Timescale:
14 weeks
The brief:

The project comprised of the provision of heating and hot water for accommodation for single living junior ranks.

It comprised of 36 accommodation rooms per building, stairways and 153 plantrooms, all of which would be manufactured and operational within 4 years.

Manufacturing at our state of the art factory in Bradford also omitted the problem of the lack of skilled labour available at the time within the local vicinity of the construction site.

The solution

The plantrooms needed to meet strict fire and acoustic requirements. With this in mind, each plantroom was lined with fire/plaster board and rockwool insulation.
Construction was in cold rolled steel and included the fitting of boilers, calorifiers, pumps and controls. Before dispersal, each plantroom was tested at Ormandy Rycroft, before been delivered to site, lifted into position, reconnected and commissioned.

Why Off-Site?
By utilising off-site manufacture, the programme was cut from 37 weeks to 14 weeks for the whole build process. Other advantages included a high-quality finish due to in-house processes and testing prior to delivery. It also excluded the need for on-site labour requirements and security clearance.  Furthermore, Health & Safety benefitted from been part of the continuous high standards already in place at Ormandy and the need for site supervision and management was reduced significantly.  

Renewable Energy
Rainwater was harvested, along with solar energy and Combined Heat & Power (CHP).


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