Huge Benefits for Upgraded Plantroom

Old and inefficient plant rooms can be updated and modernised, using Ormandy Rycrofts bespoke hot water vessels and solutions. 

Tom Willoughby Ltd
Project Timescale:
4 weeks
The brief:

Our customer, Tom Willoughby Ltd in Catterick, North Yorkshire is a North East construction and maintenance company.

They required a hot water heating solution for one of their Ministry of Defence clients who required a plant room upgrade, as the previous equipment was outdated and inefficient.

The solution

Based upon the required demand and specification, Ormandy Rycroft manufactured and installed a 105kW/6001 ‘Breeze and Buffer Packaged Skid’ to replace the two old calorifiers previously used for hot water generation.
The new ‘Breeze and Buffer’ instantaneous water heater offers a quick heat up response with negligible standing losses.
Furthermore, a 240kW Superpac Plate Heat Exchanger was also manufactured for separating the old system with the new boilers.
This WRAS-approved, gasketed equipment is not only more energy efficient, but will optimise the performance based on the rating, temperature and pressure drop criteria.
Both our customer, and in turn theirs, was pleased with the new upgraded equipment, which has the additional benefit of adding supplementary plates should they be required in the future due to increased output demand.


Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers