Packaged Plate Heat Exchangers

A comprehensive range of WRAS approved gasketed and brazed units for all heating and cooling applications and selected to optimise performance based on rating, temperature and pressure drop criteria.

HT-Breeze is an instantaneous water heater offering an economic solution for the provision of hot water with a quick heat up, rapid response and negligible standing losses.

Vari-E-Breeze Plate Heat Exchanger combines variable speed technology of the latest pumps for closer control of output, greater speed of response and enhanced energy efficiency and lower running costs.


  • Runs on demand with greater speed of response and lower running costs.
  • Outputs from 0.25L/sec up to 5L/sec. Larger units available.
  • Choice of materials – stainless steel 316L, 304L & titanium.
  • High heat transfer coefficients ensure the design surface area is kept to a minimum.
  • Exchanger outputs can be increased by additional plates.
  • Exchangers achieve high cross over temperature profiles.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and closer control of output.
  • Low standing losses compared with other exchanger types.
  • Single or twin head variable speed pump with self-protection built into the pumps for longer pump life.
  • Night set-back & anti-legionella pasteurisation feature.
  • Remote operating temperature display & set point adjustment.
  • Compact design with a small footprint and ease of maintenance.
  • Vented and Unvented applications with 2, 3 or 4 port valve operation and full BMS compatibility.