8th Jul 2021


At Ormandy Rycroft, we are privileged to have had the manufacturing talents of George Bunn for a remarkable 50 years. George is our longest serving employee and an inspiration to his Ormandy colleagues.

George started with Ormandy, straight from school in 1971 as an apprentice and retires on 6thJuly 2021 as a qualified and highly skilled Coppersmith.

The year that George joined Ormandy was also the year that brought decimalisation to the UK, with the average weekly wage just over £30.

A gallon of petrol was 34p, a pint of beer 16p, a loaf of bread 10p and the average house price £5,000. A far cry from the prices we see today.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is a necessity for a company to ensure its future stability and innovation in order to drive the organisation forward. Throughout the last 5 decades, George has played a vital role in ensuring Ormandy remained at the cutting edge of technology.

George said, “when I started out 50 years ago everything was labour intensive. Now we have more automation and robots”.

Over the years, George has also played a major part in developing apprentices and teaching them the vital skills of the industry.

“Even today the Ormandy training policy has never changed. Back then, the only way to go was to ‘grow your own’ and that is still relevant today", says George.

But it’s not just prices that have changed, a lot has changed in the welding profession too. Today there are over 90 welding processes incorporating robotic welding, computerisation and various gas mixes, with huge advancements in technology and a drive to use energy more efficiently.

Production Director, Chris Eames said of George. “Over the years George has played a significant role in the development of new manufacturing processes and new equipment that has helped improve the company's quality and performance. George is also a shining example to the apprentices that the business recruits each year”.

“I have had the pleasure of working and learning from George for the last 32 years. His work quality and work ethic has been impeccable and the duration of his employment testament to his loyalty and commitment”.

Managing Director, David Dzimitrowicz, also said of our long-standing Coppersmith, “It is incredibly rare to be able to celebrate a 50-year service award and it is a proud moment for George and the Company. I feel very honoured to have known George and on behalf of me and my predecessors, I want to thank George for his outstanding service to the business”

Although George will miss his friends and colleagues, he is looking forward to a new chapter in his life and some new adventures along the way.

All Georges colleagues and friends, wish him a happy and relaxing retirement, knowing that the Ormandy Group is set to continue its growth, thanks to him playing a leading part in its success so far.