3rd Mar 2021


In a recent government study, 180,000 engineering recruits will be needed each year until 2024! Replenishing an ageing workforce is vital for a company’s future stability, innovation and ability to drive an organisation forward.

Students interested in engineering as a career, might not choose HVAC as their first choice, but advancements in technology and the world-wide drive to use energy more efficiently provide huge opportunities.

The industry is tackling the problem in innovative ways. Encouraging more women, apprenticeship schemes & matching skills with those outside the HVAC sector.

George Bunn has been manufacturing for Ormandy for 49 years. George said, “50 years ago everything was labour intensive. Now we have automation and robots. But the training policy has never changed. Back then the only way was to ‘grow your own’ and that is still relevant today."

Apprentices are trained on the shop floor & supported by Bradford College. Apprentice James Walters will be studying ‘Level 2 Fabrication & Welding’. James said, “being an apprentice teaches me many skills and makes me a valuable member of the workforce”

We continue to invest in apprentices. How is your company addressing the skills gap?