1st Apr 2021


Meet David Fullarton. David is our Thermal Systems Design Manager and part of the engineering support team who manage technical designs on behalf of our customers.

From simple plate designs to fully completed plant rooms, David can advise on the best solution for any commercial business wanting a hot water heating and/or cooling solution, that not only fulfils current heating requirements, but takes into account future demand.

Throughout the project, David will converse with the customer on the design and any developments as they occur. And it doesn’t stop there! Once manufactured in our world class factory, David can advise on any onsite installation and commissioning.

David has worked at Ormandy Rycroft for over 12 years and has a vast knowledge of the mechanical HVAC industry. Having spent over 30 years in the industry, his experience has brought him into contact with every conceivable situation.

David said, “I enjoy the variety of the work at Ormandy. Every project is different which always keeps it interesting and no two days are the same.”

Ormandy's reputation is in high-quality bespoke products and the talents and expertise of dedicated staff like David and those who work alongside him.