1st Apr 2021


Our bespoke packaged solutions are built by highly skilled, experienced Fabricators and Welders, one of which is the talented Adam Broadbent and his team.

Adam has been involved in every aspect of bespoke fabrication from calorifiers to packaged skids for over 13 years and worked tirelessly to deliver results. He is now a very respected supervisor of Coppersmith and Steelsmith vessels, finding solutions for the most complex of projects and ensuring they run to plan.

“No two days are the same at Ormandy & the variety of work makes it really enjoyable”, says Adam.

Adam works in our world class factory facility in Bradford & is very much ‘hands on’, working in all elements of fabrication, including shearing, bending, spinning, drilling, pipework, rolling, welding, lagging, assembly and testing.

Production Director, Chris Eames, said, “Adam puts the same enthusiasm and care into anything he manufactures. If there are any questions from other coppersmiths or apprentices, Adam is the first person they will seek advice and guidance from”.

Next year we celebrate 125 years of trading. A legacy due to the continued expertise & quality products in which Adam and his colleagues play a vital part.