1st Apr 2021


Finding solutions for heating projects is second nature at Ormandy, but what happens if the vessel is bigger than the door it needs to go through?

Not a problem! At Ormandy, every product is bespoke and tailored specifically for a given application. Our team take into consideration any restrictions such as narrow corridors, space restrictions and existing equipment to ensure vessels fit perfectly and if required, can be done in sections and assembled onsite.

The images are of a three sectioned, semi-storage Maximiser calorifier, which needs to go into an existing plantroom that only has a standard sized door. The vessel was designed by our skilled design team and crafted by our experienced fabricator, Sean Connolly. Sean has 10 years’ experience with Ormandy and is one of our ‘grow your own’ apprentice trained fabricators.

The knowledge and expertise our designers and fabricators hold, make Ormandy a world leader of offsite and heat exchange solutions for commercial and industrial sectors, with
our products renowned in Building Services, M&E and Offshore.

At Ormandy, nothing is standard, and everything is quality driven!