2nd Mar 2021


With the risks of Covid-19 likely to be present for the foreseeable future, companies have to find alternative ways of working.

For Ormandy, one of these was performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on a pharmaceutical skid package. Inviting customers to observe this in person isn't viable, but with the use of video cameras and the latest technology, a new way of working can achieve the same results.

A screen monitor was set up which viewed the entire plant and a hand-held computer tablet was used as a secondary device to focus on specific parts of the plant room as part of a walk around the various sections throughout the day.

Headsets with microphones allowed us to talk directly to the client in real time and a second Engineer referred to schematic drawings or directed a light source to darker areas, so visibility was not inhibited.

A third Engineer set up with a computer recorded any decisions throughout the process as they occurred.

A result! A completed FAT test without any delay to the project timescale.

Furthermore, this was logistically easier for the customer, reduced travel which is better for the environment and saved the customer time and money.

In a Covid-19 world, necessity is the mother of invention!