Sectional Hot Water Vessels

Finding solutions for heating projects is second nature at Ormandy, but what happens if the vessel is bigger than the door it needs to go through?

Not a problem! At Ormandy, every product is bespoke and tailored specifically for a given application. Our team take into consideration any restrictions such as narrow corridors, space restrictions and existing equipment to ensure vessels fit perfectly.


  • Designed to fit through any door.
  • Vessels can be fabricated in sections and assembled onsite.
  • Vessels designed by our skilled design team and crafted by our experienced fabricator.
  • Designed to British Standards – PED & Building Regulations.
  • Total packaged solutions.
  • Stainless steel and solid copper material options.
  • Full range of capacities.
  • Vented and unvented Systems.
  • Heat exchanger ‘U’ tube fully removeable for maintenance.
  • Unvented skid packages with expansion vessels.
  • Ideal for recovering waste heat.
  • Indirect cylinders also available. 


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