Evoplate Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Our 'Evoplate' brand is a highly efficient water heater which supplies hot water on demand.

The vessel comprises of stored water volume, instantaneous brazed plate heat exchanger, domestic circulating pump, flow regulator and direct acting primary temperature controller. They are available in either copper or stainless steel, ready fitted and easy to install.

It can be combined with a buffer vessel which will provide additional storage capacity. Coupled with instantaneous water heaters, buffer vessels are connected in parallel with a pump circulation to ensure a flow between the vessel and the water heater.


  • Supplying 600 – 9,000 litres per hour continual output of hot water at 60 degrees celcius AND meet peak demands in excess of the rated input duty.
  • Lightweight with minimum footprint.
  • The maximum possible performance from a condensing boiler installation, combined with Reduced downtime and maintenance.
  • Integral dual action domestic water pump to ensure constant flow through the exchanger and reducing the risk from legionnaire’s disease.
  • Fully compliant with L8 and PED.
  • Direct acting temperature controller & High heat transfer co-efficients when compared with traditional storage calorifiers.
  • Flexible storage buffer and heat exchanger to optimise equipment selection.

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