Storage Calorifiers

These high performance, tubular heat exchangers offer flexible and economical solutions, suitable for MTHW, LTHW, Steam and Heat Recovery. Available with Batteries, Coils and Electric. Also as packaged skids as shown below.

Unvented hot water systems have become extremely popular for building ap­plications as they provide a highly efficient means of storing and distributing water. They come complete with an unvented fitting kit.

Vented calorifiers are installed with an atmospheric open vent and have free movement of air when either filled or drained down.


  • Designed to British Standards – PED & Building Regulations.
  • Total packaged solutions.
  • Stainless steel, solid copper and copper lined materials.
  • Full range of capacities.
  • Heat exchanger ‘U’ tube fully removeable for maintenance.
  • Unvented skid packages with expansion vessels.
  • Ideal for recovering waste heat.
  • Indirect cylinders and solar vessels also available.

Unvented Hot Water Systems

  • Direct electric heating up to 54kw and indirect heating up to 108kw.
  • Corrugated coil technology for increased performance.

Vented Calorifiers

  • Release of air when it is displaced from the heated water.
  • Change in volume of stored water if heated or allowed to cool.

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