Clean Steam Generators

Clean steam generators raise steam by utilising MTHW, HTHW, electric, thermal fluid or process steam as a primary heat source.

It offers a simple and conventional method of raising clean steam, with the vapour volume sufficient to cope with normal peaks of demand whilst maintaining a constant boiling/pressure.


  • Made in stainless steel 316L which is pickled and passivated after fabrication to restore the stainless-steel protective properties.
  • Incorporates an integral dry sparge pipe to reduce liquid entrainment to a minimum.
  • Full sized manhole for regular inspection if required.
  • Heating bundle can be withdrawn for maintenance and inspection.
  • Supplied as a bespoke package, designed, built and tested in our factory to ensure constant quality control.
  • Design and manufacture in accordance with PD5500 and PED 97/23/EC.
  • Steam produced meets the criteria of HTM 2031.

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