Premix Stainless Steel Units

Premix units are designed and manufactured for Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals and all other process applications.

They can either be a stand-alone operation or form part of the whole production line system and are available in all austenitic and duplex grades of stainless steel to a bespoke design and size. All vesses are CE marked in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive and designed and fabricated in accordance with PD 5500, ASME VIII, and EN 13445.


  • Capacity from 10kg to 60,000kg
  • Surface finishes available in ‘self-colour’ to 0.1 µmRa
  • Vacuum and pressure tight.
  • Vessels can be equipped with propriety agitators or with a bespoke design and manufactured in house.
  • Agitators range from gate type with or without side wall scrapers to homogenisers.
  • Frequency controlled drives to adjust the mixing intensity if required.
  • Fully or Partially Jacketed and insulated if required.
  • Designed with CIP (Clean in place) systems so no disassembly or equipment removal required.
  • Low maintenance and hygienic.
  • Options for static or mobile operation.