Feed Tanks, Hotwells & Chilled Water Storage

Feed tanks (Hotwells) and Chilled Water Storage Tanks and Cylinders are designed and manufactured from 500 litres through to 30,000 litres. Can be constructed from stainless steel throughout, they are braced externally to provide rigidity and longevity of service.

Packaged units for Hotwells include: Control panel, Steam injection valves & injectors, level gauge and controls, feed water valve, temperature gauge, manway, vent head, circulation pump, deaerator head (optional), air vent & vacuum breaker and overflow and boiler feed connections.

Chilled Water Storage are supplied complete with internal baffles for segregation of hot and cold sections in the tank or alternatively supplied with sparge pipes, diffusers or dip pipes to suit product application.


  • They can be supplied either stand alone or packaged complete with all ancillaries and controls fitted.
  • Additional water treatment, temperature sensors and other project specific connections or equipment can be fitted as required.
  • Internal and external ladders available for larger feed tanks.
  • A range of stainless steel deaerators are manufactured to compliment feed tanks with connections for feed water, flash steam and condensate return.
  • Deaerators assist in the removal of oxygen from the system and reducing the amount of oxygen scavengers required.
  • Specific designs of baffles, weir plates, sparge pipes and diffusers to suit individual process applications.

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