Steam Plate Heat Exchanger Package

A WRAS approved packaged unit with primary control and condensate system which Connects into an existing steam main to provide heating or hot water quickly and easily.


  • Stainless steel plate exchange package makes the interface of steam to DHW or LTHW applications simpler.
  • Heat loads of up to 1.1 MW which in DHW service provides a 51/sec flow.
  • Larger loads can be accommodated using bespoke design and build capability.
  • Primary side control can be electric or pneumatic valves selected to provide accurate temperature control.
  • Isolation, anti-vacuum valves and line strainer included.
  • High limit protection.
  • A standard float trap system incorporated in the condensate side and advanced three term (PID) controller provides secondary temperature control.
  • Can be extended to incorporate secondary pumps, buffer storage, pressure reducing sets and specific valve arrangements, all controlled through the central panel.
  • High heat transfer coefficients ensure the design surface area is kept to a minimum.
  • Outputs can be increased by adding additional plates.
  • Small footprint, simple to install and ease of maintenance.

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